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Colonoscopy Preparation FAQ



Is it normal to get cold drinking this prep?
Yes, but it helps to keep the prep cool but not cold.

Is it okay for diabetic patients to drink Gatorade?
Yes, there are not many sugar calories in Gatorade or G2 so your blood sugar should not change much.  It is important to monitor your blood sugars during the prep

Can I drink Slimfast instead of Boost or Ensure?
No, because Slimfast contains milk and fiber which are not part of clear liquid diet.You may drink Glucerna if you are diabetic.

Are cigarettes, gum, and sugar okay to use on the prep?
You may chew gum and use sugar or sweeteners in your clear liquids.  Do not use dairy products or creamers. You may smoke.

May I take my antianxiety medication the day of the test?
Yes, please take any medication at least 2-3 hours before your test. 

 Should I stop taking my aspirin?
If you are taking aspirin for heart disease or history of stroke do not stop taking the aspirin.  If you are taking the aspirin only as a preventative for these diseases then please hold it 5 days prior to your test.

May I have something to drink after the prep and during the night?
You may drink clear liquids up to three (3) hours before your test time.

How do I know I am cleaned out enough after the prep?
After taking your prep your stools should be a yellow or greenish yellow watery liquid without any solid material.  Your stools will not be clear like water.

May I use something for my hemorrhoids or anal irritation from the prep?
Yes, you may take hemorrhoid creams like Preparation H, Desitin, Vasoline, A & D Ointment or other creams during the prep.

Why should I not use perfume or cologne on the day of the test?
Some employees and patients are allergic or sensitive to perfume and cologne.

Are you sure I need a driver to take me home?
Yes, your test will not be done if you do not have a driver to take you home.

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